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TOPIC: Using the “Old” Year of Manufacture” (YOM) Plates

Using the “Old” Year of Manufacture” (YOM) Plates 1 year 6 months ago #21

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Using the “Old” Year of Manufacture” (YOM) License Plates of Texas
Antique vs Classic status Registration

The state’s definitions of Antique and Classic are not the same as the old car world’s interpretation and insurance for collector vehicles. It is purely based on the use of the vehicle. Plus, the state does not have a mileage limit on your vehicle per year as most insurance companies.

The Antique definition in Texas is when a vehicle is 25 years old or older, and is a collector’s item that will be used for exhibition, club activities, parades, and other functions of public interest. The vehicle will not be used for regular transportation except when routine maintenance is needed. You are allow to use the old Texas license plates that match the year on your vehicle’s title. The Antique registration is much cheaper than regular registration. It is for 5 years and currently costs $50.00, if the vehicle was manufactured in 1921 or later, or $40.00 if the vehicle was manufactured before 1921.The Road and Bridge use fee for the county is also added in. Your cost is pro-rated if your application falls between the beginning and end of the 5 year period. Plus, you are exempt from the yearly safety inspection because of the reduced usage.

The Classic definition in Texas is when a vehicle is 25 years old or older and is used on a regular basis, like going to work, shopping, grocery store, errands, ect. One must still get the yearly safety inspection performed because if you go classic registration you are saying “I use this vehicle for regular transportation and will use it more if I want to”. This does not mean that “my car or truck is a classic”. Your registration is the regular registration fee and the Road and Bridge use fee for the county.

Vehicles that have been modified are eligible for being registered as Antique or Classic status, provided the usage of the vehicle fits the limits set forth by the state and the title shows it to be 25 years or older.

To get the old Texas license plates approved for use on your vehicle, go to your local county tax assessor-collector’s office (courthouse or annex building). Take your title/proof of ownership, matching pair of old plates (or single plate if the year of the vehicle is 1945-1946 as the state only made single plates during those 2 years due to the shortage of metal after World War II), proof of liability insurance (or a copy of the signed and dated affidavit DPS liability insurance exemption form SR-2. However, it is suggested not to get this exemption on insurance unless the truck doesn’t run and will not e taken out on the road in the near future. This form can be found on the DPS website at: ). They will check that the plates are in good readable condition, have the correct color scheme, and are the same year as printed on your title. You will fill out Form VYR for Antique status or Form VTR-850 for Classic status. To prove that Antique status has been paid you will be given a metal tab that is mounted through one of the bolt holes of the rear license plate. If you go Classic status, you will get the same windshield sticker as regular cars and trucks which goes above the safety inspection sticker on the front windshield. If your vehicle is currently registered with regular registration or Classic status and you want to switch to Antique status, you may request a refund on the unexpired portion of the registration fee at your county office. If you have any questions concerning the Antique and Classic registration, talk to the supervisor at the court house or the supervisor at a regional office of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. To find your regional office’s location and phone number, go to their website at . Some phone numbers in Austin you can call are 512-872-8045, 512-465-300, or 888-368-4689.

The only plates that will be accepted and approved will be the “General Issuance” car, truck, and motorcycle plates for Antique and Classic from that year of your vehicle. NOTE: dealer, farm truck, state official, exempt ect plates have been disallowed by the Administration Code 17.28(2), which took effect in 2010. If any of these types of plates had been approved before the Administration Code, Rule 17.28(2) the pate(s) can still be used because of the “grandfather” clause, provided the registration remains current.

Its real neat seeing the older trucks displaying the old original Texas license plates. Plus, if one only uses their vehicle(s) on a limited basis and goes with the Antique registration, you can save about $400.00 over a 5 year period.

In regards to inspection stickers, did you know that from 1951 to 1968 the stickers originally were put on the passenger’s side?

The safety inspection exemption for Antique status vehicles comes from the Texas Criminal and Traffic Law book. In the Traffic Law section, Sub-chapter B, Section 548.052 – Vehicles Not Subject to Inspection. It states: “This chapter (Sec. 548.051 – Vehicles and Equipment Subject to Inspection) does not apply to: (2) a vehicle moving under or bearing a paper dealer in-transit tag, machinery license, disaster license, parade license, probate tab, one-trip permit, Antique license…” which means that if your vehicle is registered as an Antique, it does not have to have the required yearly inspection.

By Larry and Gwyn Machacek – Automania Specialties – PO Box 1487 – Conroe, TX 77305 – 936-441-8209
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