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Annual Car-Truck Shootout

Sponsorship Opportunities

Join us in supporting the American Cancer Society and by sponsoring the PNP Classic Car & Truck Shootout

Show Sponsor ($800.00):

Your company name and service announced regularly throughout the show – give us what you want us to say about you! Plus Chrome Level

Game Sponsor ($600.00):
Your company name/logo displayed over our popular “Piston Toss” game. Plus Chrome Level
Award Sponsor ($600.00):
Your company name announced as sponsor for Best in Show, Best Truck or Best Car (these are custom built by members). Plus Chrome Level
Chrome Sponsor ($500.00):
Your company name on show t-shirts and next year’s show flyer distributed by members at other shows and events. Plus Powder Coat level
Powder Coat Sponsor ($250.00):
Your company info in the PnP monthly newsletter available online and emailed to 150+ members. Plus Primer level
Primer Sponsor ($100.00):
Your company name and logo on PNP website
Filler Sponsor ($50.00):
Your company name on the PNP website

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$800.00 ($800.00 excl VAT) each Show Sponsor
$600.00 ($600.00 excl VAT) each Award Sponsor
$600.00 ($600.00 excl VAT) each Game Sponsor
$500.00 ($500.00 excl VAT) each Chrome Sponsor
$250.00 ($250.00 excl VAT) each Powder Coat Sponsor
$100.00 ($100.00 excl VAT) each Primer Sponsor
$50.00 ($50.00 excl VAT) each Filler Sponsor
$1.00 ($1.00 excl VAT) each
$5.00 ($5.00 excl VAT) each
$10.00 ($10.00 excl VAT) each
$20.00 ($20.00 excl VAT) each
$50.00 ($50.00 excl VAT) each
$100.00 ($100.00 excl VAT) each
$500.00 ($500.00 excl VAT) each
$1,000.00 ($1,000.00 excl VAT) each
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